3D CGI objects breed and grow with new digital biological evolution tech

“On http://EndlessForms.com objects are evolved in the same way that plants and animals are bred. You pick the ones you like and they become the parents of the next generation of objects. As in biological evolution, the offspring look similar, but not identical, to their parents, allowing you to explore different designs. Under the hood, there is an evolutionary process in which the genomes of parents are mutated and crossed over to produce new offspring objects. Additionally, the objects are grown from their genomes similar to how a single fertilized egg grows into a jaguar, hawk, or human. This grounding in developmental biology enables the evolution of complex, natural-looking forms.”

Augmented Reality in Maya and 3dsMax
3D Exporters Total Immersion
“D’Fusion Studio proposes a complete process to create Augmented Reality Applications from exporting 3D with Autodesk Maya and 3DSMax, creating tracking scenario to finalizing the animated scene. More info on www.t-immersion.com”