Fitnect: 3D virtual fitting room fashion app with augmented reality, cloth physics and motion capture

“Fitnect is an interactive virtual fitting room application built on the most advanced technologies: augmented reality, cloth physics and full body motion capture. As a customer you can select garments from the menu without trying them out at all. Watch yourself onscreen with a 3D copy of the selected dress. You can control the program by pushing virtual buttons right in the air.

Fitnect: Augmented reality wedding dress try-on fashion show demo with cloth physics

“Testing the new cost efficient 2.5D feature in Fitnect with cloth physics.
No 3D model required! In the upcoming version of Fitnect, both 3D and 2.5D garments will be ”

Fitnect Virtual Fitting AR App show @ Fashion Biz 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Fitnect’s Interactive Virtual Mirror @ UEFA EURO 2012

“Orange fanzones were located in the cities where the UEFA EURO 2012 games were played: Warsaw, Gdansk, Poznan, Wroclaw. Besides many interactive games, they offered a Fitnect powered virtual mirror, which turned out to be a great success. Fans were able to personalize their picture by wearing shirts and hats of all European countries participating in the tournament.”

Fitnect’s Virtual Fashion Fitting Room demo – La Praille, Switzerland

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