SoftEther: QUMA/(Cooma) New 3D motion capture doll could revolutionize 3D games, CGI and more

” Outline of the 3D motion capture technology for QUMA
 This product is like a computer mouse and keyboard, and a small input device that can be installed on a desktop, terminal can connect USB, works with bus power. However, surprisingly, unlike the mouse and keyboard, and shaped like a real human. Limbs shaped like a human, the body, each part of the neck can be moved freely by hand, the sensor joints inside the joint, posing figures given moment (attitude) is captured, via USB The input to the computer to. Then, 3D running on a computer-software programs, such as CG or game applications, you can capture in real time to pose for this product.
 Traditionally, computer graphics (CG) in the field, in place when working with human-type characters, the screen had to be adjusted in each joint of the character using the keyboard or the mouse. This is not intuitive operation, intended to make the character work was required considerable training. Therefore, 3D as a hobby at the individual level-as I wanted to produce a CG animation, 3D-takes a tremendous effort to manipulate the joints of the doll in the CG software, 思 and there are many users that would have frustrated Waremasu. It is on the Internet, even though many have been published, 2D animation and 2D still image was made by an individual in such as Flash, can be read from a relatively small number of 3D animations and 3D stills.
 When using this product, anyone, 3D-without training on working with CG software, you can manipulate the characters in any computer-type person. Other images and animation can be applied to characters in a 3D action game. ”

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