Mitsubishi Electric’s “Geo-Cosmos”, the world’s first large-scale spherical OLED Video Display

” National Museum of Emerging Science and Innovation in Tokyo.
The gigantic globe features 10,362 OLED panels which cover an aluminum sphere hanging 18 meters from the floor. The 6 meter orb is an upgrade to a previous model which featured regular LED panels. This spanking new OLED version features a resolution about 10 times greater than LED, more than 10 million pixels!

The globe was installed to celebrate the 10th anniversary of the museum, as a result of Executive Director Mamoru Mohri “wanting to share with people the sight of our beautiful Earth as seen from space.” The display features constantly updated satellite images of the earth. There are also interactive “Geo-Scope” touch-screen panels which allow visitors to browse images and data collected from all over the world. Something particularly interesting was a simulation showing the point of origin and eventual dispersion of the March 11 tsunami following the great earthquake. “