Interactive & Talking Virtual Characters in Augmented Reality by Human Interface Technology Lab, New Zealand

“The use of a virtual character as an interface simulates, as possible, the seamless natural interaction between the user and the computer. In this video we demonstrate our work of incorporating an expressive conversational virtual agent (Greta) into an Augmented Reality (AR) environment to allow it to inhabit the real world with the user. To incorporate the agent into an AR environment, we use the ARToolKit computer vision library.

The AR-Player permits to use more than one character in the scene. Each of them can become an independent agent with its own behavior specification, and its own instantiation of Behavior Planner. These different agents can be associated with different markers in the same scene. The AR character can be scaled to create different impressions, like a small character sitting on the desk in front of you, or a life-size character to simulate real world interactions.”