Nissan Middle East: Create Your Terrain, High-Tech 3D online SUV Driving Game with Augmented Reality

“In the Middle East, offroading is an all-consuming passion. However, there are few online experiences that reflect the imagination or spirit of offroading in the real world. So to launch Nissan’s latest SUV family, we took the challenge of offroading online. We showed people how Nissan SUVs can take on any terrain — even ones designed by them.

Create Your Terrain uses webcam detection to let viewers create their own digital terrains, and challenge a Nissan to conquer it. The results of Create Your Terrain speak for themselves. Since the launch of the microsite, thousands of people created a terrain — covering over 8o thousand square kilometres. But perhaps most important, it connected offroaders with a road they hadn’t traveled before — their own offroad — that’s all online.”
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