Paper Products: How It’s Made Step By Step Process | Georgia-Pacific

“Ever wondered how paper is made from trees? The same paper products you use everyday comes from Georgia-Pacific. This walkthrough guides you step by step through the process of manufacturing paper products like toilet paper, paper towels, container board, and more. This is the same paper used by your favorite brands like Angel Soft, Brawny & Quilted Northern. From raw materials to your home, GP produces and manufactures the industry standard of paper. Want to know how it is recycled too?

Georgia-Pacific, an industrial leader, shows you how paper products are made step by step. Dependable paper products do not just grow on trees. First, wood products are sustainably sourced. Every part of a tree is used in production. The tree is broken down, processed, bleached, produced, and packaged as the product you know and love. Georgia-Pacific sets the industry standard of quality and sustainability when it comes to paper. ”