New Wearable tech for Augmented Child Experiences @ Siggraph 2015

“Understanding and perceiving the world from a child’s view is a very important in designing products and architectures, and providing safe, productive environments in hospitals and kindergartens. CHILDHOOD virtually realizes a child’s eye and hand movements via a viewpoint translator and hand exoskeletons. The viewpoint translator presents a child’s point of view by using a head-mounted display and a pan-tilt stereo camera attached at the waist. The pan-tilt mechanism follows the user’s head behavior with low latency. The passive hand exoskeletons simulate a child’s tiny grasping motion by using multiple quadric crank mechanisms and a child-size rubber hand. A grasping motion was analyzed with a motion capture system. The systems has no actuators and sensors. It is manipulated passively by users’ actions, so they can receive complete real-time haptic feedback. ”

by the University of Tsukuba team:
Jun Nishida
Hikaru Takatori
Kosuke Sato
Kenji Suzuki