Stratasys: 3D Printed Football!

“Stratasys 3D Printing has already impacted the wide world of sports – from snowboarding to fencing, from NASCAR to kite surfing. But this is the first time that Stratasys has 3D printed an actual football.
It might even be a world first!
Produced on the Objet500 Connex3 Color Multi-Material 3D Production System, the Stratasys ball is 3D printed in three materials: Rubber-like (TangoPlus), Rigid Magenta (VeroMagenta), and Rigid Yellow (VeroYellow) in one 3D print job.
In order to give the football that authentic feel, we incorporated the texture of a composite football into the design with raised material. It weighs about the same as the weighted warmup balls favored by quarterbacks.”