Personal Intercept Drone or “stun copter ” Chaotic Moon’s – Project C.U.P.I.D.

“From Chaotic Moon Studios, Austin TX. Chaotic Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, or “stun copter,” can deliver 80,000 volts of pure projectile terror directly into the skin of an ill-intentioned hoodlum. This is serious business from the same folks behind Oculus Rift slash LEAP Motion juggernaut, SharkPunch and the Pizza Hut touch table. The Austin-based design studio created the flying machine as a tech demo, but CUPID could be quickly brought to production whenever a personal security or law enforcement client sees fit. This prototype unit is based on a Tarot Hexacopter, originally designed to carry a digital SLR for video and aerial photo shoots. With a Phazzer Dragon on board, however, a few modifications made this an entirely different beast.

By staying on the forefront of enevitably convergent technologies, Chaotic Moon endeavors to steer and influence the conversation about drones in: Surveillance/Combat/Behavior Modification & Deterrence/and Search and Rescue in intelligent ways that will have a positive impact on the human race.”