3D Positional tracking with Oculus Rift & Kinect 2 demo

“A simple system for positional tracking of the Oculus Rift Developer Kit using a Kinect for Windows v2 dev preview*.
The Kinect v2 emits a strong IR light for the depth sensor. This IR light gets reflected by a piece of simple reflective fabric. Combining this bright IR reflection with the depth information the Kinect provides yields a pretty accurate, low latency position vector without the need for multiple markers and complex image processing. With only one reflective marker, it only works for about 180°. A small difficulty is that the reflective marker itself doesn’t give a depth reading on the Kinect, so I had to use the most nearby point.
The position vector is transmitted to Unity3D using a simple UDP socket.
*This is based on preliminary software
and/or hardware, subject to change.”
via programming4fun