Einstein’s spooky “Quantum Entanglement” captured with Real-Time Electronic Imaging

“Quantum entanglement – which Einstein called “spooky action at a distance” – is one of most prominent and mind boggling features of quantum mechanics. To image the effects of entanglement directly, we created in our experiment a pair of entangled photons. The video shows images of single photon patterns, recorded with a triggered intensified CCD camera, where the influence of a measurement of one photon on its entangled partner photon is imaged in real-time. In our experiment the immediate change of the monitored mode pattern is a result of the polarization measurement on the distant partner photon.

More information: Real-Time Imaging of Quantum Entanglement
Robert Fickler, Mario Krenn, Radek Lapkiewicz, Sven Ramelow, Anton Zeilinger, Scientific Reports 3: 1914 more info @ http://www.nature.com/srep/2013/130529/srep01914/full/srep01914.html , Music from project “musopen.org””