Google Glass: Don’t Be A Glasshole, a Mashable Movie

“Google Glass might be one of the coolest gadgets around, but you’ll end up becoming a total Glasshole if you don’t watch out. Here’s a PSA for all Google Glass owners.
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Product Voice: Meghan Peters
The Glasshole: Todd Olmstead
Co-Workers: Lance Ulanoff, Amanda Wills and Neha Shah
Bathroom Guy: Eric Larson
Bar ladies: Emily Banks and Lauren Indvik
Glasshole’s Date: Elisha Hartwig
Uncool people: Lorenzo Franceschi Bicchierai and Dani Fankhauser
Cinematography: Evan Engel
Editing: Bianca Consunji
Writer/Director: Matt Silverman
Special thanks to SPiN New York for letting us film on location:
Music: Beach Damage by and Already There by Josh Woodward “