American Eurocopter’s AS350 Helicopter Flight Simulator, demo

“The AS350 Flight Simulation Training Device (FSTD) at American Eurocopter’s Grand Prairie, Texas headquarters facility is the world’s most technologically advanced single-engine helicopter simulator, allowing highly realistic mission training for airborne law enforcement, medical services and other operators.

Incorporating a complete AS350 cockpit and cabin, along with the comprehensive installation of avionics and mission equipment, this Level B full-flight simulator enables demanding flight and mission scenarios to be created and executed — all with the safety and cost-effectiveness of a ground-based training system.

Instrumentation for pilots includes a full avionics suite with autopilot in a night vision goggles-compatible cockpit. The law enforcement mission suite for a tactical flight officer in the cabin brings together such equipment as a FLIR sensor, moving map system, tactical radios and slaved searchlight, along with the capability to train personnel in the airborne use of force.”