Virtual Reality Interview with Greg Truman, CEO of Fourth Dimension Displays

“At GDC 2013, I sat down with Greg Truman, CEO of Forth Dimension Displays, for a chat about the future of VR. Truman believes that the time is right for virtual reality. He told me that right now is “the best opportunity ever to get consumers wearing head mounted displays.” Forth Dimension Displays works primarily in high-end microdisplays for military and research industries which come with a suitably high-end price. The company was not really at GDC 2013 to sell their product. Instead, they were there to help evangelize VR in the hope that, this time, it will break into the mainstream. Truman told me he loves what the Oculus Rift folks are doing and hopes they succeed because it has the potential to benefit everyone in the HMD market.”