Tons of 3D Printed Samples by Stratasys & Objet 3D Printers @ MDM 2013

About Stratasys Ltd.
“Stratasys 3D Printers and 3D Production Systems produce complex, functional parts. Prototypes that perform just like the final product. Complex assemblies that require no assembly. Thousands of end-use parts built for less than the cost of tooling one. Whatever you can imagine, Stratasys can build.

Stratasys Ltd. was formed in 2012 by the merger of Stratasys Inc. and Objet Ltd. The company manufactures 3D printers and materials that create prototypes and manufactured goods directly from 3D CAD files or other 3D content. The company’s 3D printers are based on patented FDM® and PolyJet® inkjet-based technologies.”
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