New smart electric quadcopter HPQ1 & cameras demo by Rotor Concepts

Rotor Concept’s Patrick Le gives us a demo of their new electric Quadcopter with gyroscope stabilized flight systems and video camera mounting at MD&M 2013.

“Rotor Concept’s high performance quadcopter (HPQ1) comes fully assembled and 100% ready to fly (RTF),
HPQ1 is controlled by a 6 channel digital radio/receiver using the latest code pairing, for anti-interference & fail safe, 2.4GHZ digital spread spectrum frequency. Other than flying for enjoyment, HPQ1 can perform some real life applications for both commercial and industrial through various optional live streaming video and on-board digital video recording HD camera systems. Features the capability to carry a maximum payload of up to 12 ounces with standard blades or up to 1.2 pound using optional high performance blades. HPQ1’s flight control board is intergrated with advanced sensors such as auto barometer, accelerometer, magnetometer, 3-axis gyro and inertia based (6DOF IMU) self stabilization system. Also comes as standard is the signal loss and the low battery flight warning system which allow the HPQ1 to perform gradual auto self-landing, Fly up to 20 minutes with the included lithium-polymer battery and with 4 brushless motors. Maximum flight altitude up to 2,000 feet. Maximum flight radius up to 1 mile. HPQ1 can pair with any 4 channel radio as well.
Possible applications:
Real estate, rooftop inspection, private investigation, law enforcement, sporting events, etc., “