Live Art Projection Mapping Mural with Luke Embden and Luma, Google GSLC

“We collaborated with artist Luke Embden to create a mural with a twist for Google’s sales Conference 2012
Google’s annual sales leadership conference was held this year in the luxurious Grove hotel in Hertfordshire. The event featured a celebrity line-up of speakers including former US President Bill Clinton and model Lily Cole.
The event ran on the back of Zeitgeist – in its 7th year, the annual invitation-only conference aimed to bring together the “great minds of our time” to discuss on issues spanning technology, politics and the arts.
We were called in to provide a bespoke piece of projection art incorporating the work of champion doodler, Luke Embden.
We projection mapped the mural to bring the complex and intricate network of doodles to life, each with its own quirky personality.
This follows a line of previous events where we have provided their digital expertise to internet giant Google. In November 2011, we supplied 8 custom YrWall Digital Graffiti Walls to give Googlers the ultimate interactive experience at Google’s EMEA sales conference in Dublin.”