Interactive touch screen display Vending Machine in Japan, video

“Cool High tech drink vending machines in Japan. These machines have big interactive touch screen TV where drinks are displayed. Both hot and cold are sold in a single machine.
According to the company, the machine is able to recommend drinks according to current temperature and time of the day, also according to the gender and age of the user.
People touch the screen to select their drink.
Payment can be made by cash or SUICA Smart card.
Suica is a rechargeable contactless smart card used as a fare card on train lines in Japan, and they are also accepted in the ubiquitous convenient stores around every corner of Japanese street.
This acure next generation drink vending machine is installed by JR East Water Business, a wholly owned company of JR East Railway Company. The first machine was installed in Tokyo Shinagawa Station on 10 Aug 2010 as a field test. Then they were installed in Tokyo Station in November. via johomako”