Cuartel de Ballaja Projection Mapping Show, Puerto Rico

“AMAZING 3D Projection Mapping film, light show, surround sound experience in the historic Cuartel de Ballaja, Old San Juan, that captures the heart and soul of the story of Puerto Rico… its rich history, natural wonders, past civilizations, arts and dance, El Morro and military engagements, the diverse blended cultures and people of Puerto Rico. A Technomedia Production. Written and Directed by Tony Miceli. Created By John Miceli, Tony Miceli and Hugh Darley. Music by Eric Figeruoa. Visual Effects and Animation Team: John Paul Wallens, Curtis Sponsler, Will Page, John Schaub, Will Tillery, Adam Hostetler, Kevin Kophamer, Dominic Dubliker, Chris Anders, Omar Mendez, Cory Rogers, Javier Beltram. Technical Team: Todd Gallagher, Chris Chuilli Michael Lopez, Dan Bush, Bill Bittel, Don Amundson, Mesh Ramkumar, Robert Tomkins, Dave Puig, Justin Miller, John Stancil, Gino Pellicano, Deborah Sassak, Max Medvedev.”