Google Interactive REAL-TIME Crisis Map: Sandy

LIVE TV feeds of Sandy has ended….

Google Interactive REAL-TIME Crisis Map

“This map displays information about current crises and events for which the Google Crisis Response team has collected geographic information. The data comes from a variety of sources, including official information sources and user-generated content. See the Layers list for additional details about each layer.
Tips for using this site:

Zoom the map using either the on-screen controls or your mouse.
Find additional layers in the Layers list, where you can turn them on or off. Scroll to see all layers.
Zoom to an appropriate view for each layer by clicking the “Zoom to area” links in the Layers list.
View selected layers in Google Earth by clicking the “Download KML” links in the Layers list.
Share the map in e-mail by clicking the Share button and copying the URL provided there. The URL will restore your current view, including the set of layers that you have turned on.
Embed the map on your website or blog by getting a snippet of HTML code from the Share button.
Share the link on Google+, Twitter or Facebook by clicking the appropriate button in the Share window.”