Augmented Reality Smartphone Speed Test by ARworks

“Check this video, where we test the iPhone 4, 4S, 5, iPad2, IPad3 and the Samsung Galaxy S3, HTC One X and the LG 4X HD against each other running AR apps developed by us, ARworks.
Augmented Reality (AR) applications are ideal to test the speed of smartphones. When a mobile device runs an AR app, processors, cores, memory has to do 2 very heavy tasks simultaneously. They have to analyze the live camera picture to find the so called marker picture and at the same time calculate 3D coordinates, surfaces, lights, shadows the usually 3 dimensional, animated content. What’s more, screens are tested as well, since the generated AR content has to be displayed as well.
More and more phones can handle AR apps pretty nicely but only the best ones can do it perfectly. However this will change rapidly and within one year no phones will have any problem to display the exciting AR content on its screen.
Augmented Reality is a new technology, mostly available on smartphones — it puts digital multimedia, 3 dimensional, animated content on the live camera picture of the device.
ARworks is a leading AR application developer serving clients in marketing, retail, education and entertainment to use this new technology to augment the user experience of its clients.
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