Cyber City: High Resolution 3D City Model Created from Aerial Stereo Imagery, demo

Corpus Christi Downtown Managment District 3D City Model

“High Resolution 3D Model Created from Aerial Stereo Imagery of the Corpus Christi Downtown Area Approximately 1200 Texture Buildings.
About CyberCity 3D, Inc.
CyberCIty 3D, a leading 3D modeling company, specializes in emerging GIS and visualization solutions. The southern California firm’s cutting-edge products and services include its high resolution 3D buildings, 3D building measurement information, automatic photo-texturing processes, 3D models for all Esri applications, solar roof measurements, hydrodynamic roof data and enhanced 3D building footprints 2D/3D mobile and desktop maps. It now owns an off-the -shelf city model library featuring more than 60 cities and offers this data via GIS and visualization formats. CyberCity 3D is an Esri partner and one of Google Earth and Maps(tm) largest 3D building content providers.”

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