The Bridge – 3D Augmented Reality in Construction by ARworks

“This app of ours is a spectacular example, of how Augmented Reality can be used for demonstrations, illustrations in the construction business. The offers and proposals of this sector can be really hard to present to the potential clients in way where the they can discover the design in real 3D from any direction and distance.
An Augmented Reality app, running on iPad3 or other tablets or smartphones is a perfect solution to present the proposed construction, office building, villa in its real and full beauty event in its actual surrounding to targeted customers.
The app should be prepared, and the print marker has to be sent – after that the client just have to have both of them so he can grab and feel the proposed project already a bit of their own.
Augmented Reality is a new technology, mostly available on smartphones — it puts digital multimedia, 3 dimensional, animated content on the live camera picture of the device.
ARworks is a leading AR application developer serving clients in marketing, retail, education and entertainment to use this new technology to augment the user experience of its clients.”
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