Augmented Reality, Night Vision & 3D Vision demo on Epson’s Moverio Glasses

Three real examples of wearable technology in action!
This is the first of ElectricTV’s experiments with the Epson Moverio BT-100
see-through video display glasses. We’re planning a few more fun and interesting tests to show you soon. Stay tuned!
Please note that our TV camera did not reproduce the true high quality of the Moverios’s video display, we’re working on a better camera solution.

Copy clip of Moverio info from Epson’s website:
“Moverio BT-100, Epson’s newest venture in personal technology. The high resolution see-through display, Wi-Fi® connectivity1, and smart navigation capabilities creates an innovative visual experience. The portable controller and headset allows users to browse, shop and stay connected while still being part of their environment.” And more….

For more info about the technologies used in this video you can visit:
Epson Moverio:
Epson Moverio also has an interesting App developer program offer, more info here: