Stratasys WaveWash 55, 3d Printer Support Cleaning System demo

At Siggraph 2012 Jesse Roitenberg gave us a quick overview of their FDM ( Fused Deposition Modeling) 3d printed model cleaning system.

About and more info on the Wavewash 55 @

“WaveWash 55 is designed to make removing support materials from your FDM models easy. The new WaveWash 55 has a compact, carafe-like design that fits easily on your desktop. Using a combination of heat, agitation, water and Ecoworks tablets, WaveWash 55 removes support materials in a hands-free, fully contained system.

Since no plumbing is required, WaveWash 55 is perfect for the office and can be set up almost anywhere. It can blend in seamlessly into your design environment, whether that is in your R&D lab, the collaboration room in your engineering department or right next to your Mojo 3D Printer. “