Holografika’s Large 3D Hologram display draws big crowds @ Siggraph 2012

No glasses needed and the 3D Hologram effect is quite impressive to see. Tibor Balogh with Holografika gives us a quick overview of their state-of-the-art 3d display tech.

“Holografika is a Hungarian venture active in the field of emerging photonic technologies. The company developed a proprietary technology in 3D visualisation, including real 3D display devices, software applications, and 3D data compression solutions and holds several patents.
The company at present develops and sells 3D display systems. It started selling its 26″ and 32″ HoloVizio 3D displays in 2004, and plans to offer larger-scale holographic projection systems soon. Second-generation displays, a 3D camera system and a full 3D software environment are all under development. ”

For more info, you can visit: http://www.holografika.com/