SONY: New AR Tech, SmartAR LiveAction Augmented Reality with 3D multi-view

GOOGLE translated copy from Sony’s post:
“Newly developed “that can be expressed as either being there even though viewed from any direction (such as people) and live action content is,” LiveAction AR is a “live-action AR expression technology 3D. The existing AR, which is superimposed as a photo or video content of 2D or 3D CG was majority. Therefore, when you view the live action content, such as people using such existing AR technology, will be visible in plan view Nopperi, he was difficult to view as if you were in their place. LiveAction AR is a technology-based representation, recognition part of the system, such as image recognition and spatial awareness has been using the “SmartAR” Augmented Reality Sony’s integrated.”

“LiveAction AR”とは、 実写コンテンツ(人など)をどの方向から見てもまるでその場にいるかのように表現する事ができる新開発の「3D実写AR表現技術」です。既存のARでは、3D CGか2Dの写真やビデオをコンテンツとして重畳するものが大半でした。よって、そういった既存のAR技術を用いて人などの実写コンテンツを表示すると、のっぺりと平面的­に見えてしまい、その場にいるかのように表示することが困難でした。LiveAction ARは表現系の技術であり、画像認識・空間認識などの認識系の部分はソニーの統合型拡張現実感技術”SmartAR”を利用しております。”