Panasonic’s 3d Holographic Table demo

Imagine having this table in your home or office!
Sort your photos, watch and edit videos, play games, shop, surf the web, watch TV, or perhaps magically explore the world around you just to name a few.

Panasonic’s Silicon Valley Laboratory Team unveiled this fascinating new Prototype system to the world at Siggraph 2012. Panasonic’s Yue Fei, Lead Engineer gives us a tour of this revolutionary system.

So, what do you think about it?
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“Tavola is a new platform for holographic and interactive 3D experience. It enables holographic 3D visual and 3D audio experience in a natural, free-space 3D interaction, and it can augment the interface of smaller devices such as smartphones. The head-tracking component is compact, accurate, and non-intrusive to the user’s appearance. The system supports in-the-air 3D interaction and several hand gestures via a set of natural and immersive free-hand interaction methods. Possible applications include kiosks, virtual tourism, shopping, education, training, environment simulation, and data visualization.
Panasonic Silicon Valley Laboratory:
Yue Fei
Andrea Melle
David Kryze
Jean-Claude Junqua”