“Shakespeare in a Box” Project for High-Tech teaching through gaming @ Siggraph 2012

“Director Dona Roman and her team of actors from Sul Ross State University will translate Shakespeare’s 16th century play into the 31st century on the planet Venus Prime.”

copy via PhaseSpace news:
“The Studio: Merchant of Venus Prime
PhaseSpace has teamed up with key partners to contribute technology and sponsor the Merchant of Venus Prime project in The Studio at SIGGRAPH. Participants will be bringing together their artistic, technical, and creative skills to produce a trailer for an animated feature.
SIGGRAPH Studio’s The Merchant of Venus Prime sponsored by Autodesk, PhaseSpace, HP, Daz3D, Facegen and Origami Digital showcases the capabilities of state of the art production and visualization tools.
Autodesk MotionBuilder will be utilized to import pre-built models and sets from Daz3D along with Daz3D Genesis Characters customized with Facegen software to look like the actual actors. With real time feedback. ”

Siggraph 2012 Studio Project: Merchant of Venus Prime
A collaborative project to demonstrate the Studio’s artistic, technical, and creative talents, and how they apply to computer graphic production.
Milton Garcia
Tracy McSheery
PhaseSpace Inc.