ParaNorman’s Behind the Scenes Stop-Motion Animation 3d Printing with Brian McLean

A Sneak Peek at ParaNorman’s Tricks, Treats & 3d Tech with Brian McLean

At Siggraph 2012’s in the 3D Systems’s booth, ParaNorman’s Brian McLean provides a fascinating behind the scenes talk about the creative and craft in their new stop-motion comedy thriller movie.
The Paranorman movie incorporates virtually all traditional animation process, plus it’s the first stop-motion motion picture to use a 3-D full color printer to create the character’s animated faces and more!

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About 3D System’s color 3d ZPrinters tech:
“Produce realistic color models without paint, Better evaluate the look, feel, and style of product designs, 3D print text labels, logos, design comments, or images directly onto models, Multiple print heads provide the best range of accurate and consistent colors, Full 24-bit color, just like a 2D printer. Produce millions of distinct colors, High-definition 3D printing produces models with complex geometries and small, detailed features. ”
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