Hand & Finger 3d Gesture Tracking demo from VanGogh Imaging @ Siggraph 2012

Ken Lee, President of VanGogh Imaging demos their new 3d computer vision motion tracking tech @ Siggraph 2012

About VanGogh Imaging:

“VanGogh Imaging provides affordable and easy to use embedded vision solutions for high volume applications that can use mobile devices to capture, display, and measure objects in 3D. There are unlimited applications in the medical, manufacturing, security, consumer electronics, and entertainment industries that can greatly benefit from applying VanGogh’s embedded vision technology to capture, measure, recognize, and display objects and scenes accurately in real time. In the past, these mobile applications did not consider using 3D computer vision technology due to cost and complexity. Recent advances in cameras, projectors, and algorithms have dramatically reduced the cost and complexity of 3D computer vision while improving overall accuracy.”
more info @ www.vangoghimaging.com