3d Projection Mapping Show, Fires of the Apostle, Catedral Santiago 2012, Spain

google translated copy:
“Fires of the Apostle, July 24, 2012. Mapping in the Cathedral of Santiago. Obradoiro Square. Spain.

Multimedia show designed by GPD with breakthrough technologies that could impact on 4D on the facade of the cathedral through the technique of mapping. The baroque facade of the cathedral was turned into a giant screen which told its story through a virtual tour that combined projections, light, sound, music, pyrotechnics and special effects.

Sound editing with more than 50,000 watts. Audiovisual Production in Full HD resolution films. 12 large format projectors with a total capacity of 300,000 lumens. Control data on Watchout v5. Release of 3,400 fireworks integrated into the projection.

Synopsis: The relevance of the Way and the pilgrimage, the importance of tradition St. James in Galicia, their most iconic symbols, the development of the city around the fact Apostolic … The show condenses so amazing a story that began to take shape 12 centuries ago, when Paio discovered the tomb of the Apostle and witness of the first pilgrimages. A fascinating virtual tour that ends with an apotheosis of fire and sound. Nothing more appropriate for a place that told the world that other night of July 1,200 years ago.”
via: GPD Events

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