ARM demos their compute power in a 3d augmented reality optical bench laser game

Magic Mirrors on Samsung® Galaxy™ Note (ARM® Mali™-400 MP)

“Magic Mirrors is an augmented reality puzzle developed by ARM at our Cambridge headquarters. Imagine the laboratory table of a mad scientist — you as the player place multiple AR markers on a “real world” table top, then looking through your mobile phone, you are able to see stunning 3D objects projected onto the markers. The aim is to move the objects around to get the virtual laser beam from the laser emitter to the flask containing the bubbling liquid, using various objects such as mirrors, prisms and portals to reflect and manipulate the virtual laser beam.
The player is able to experience fun game play while observing the stunning, high-poly 3D objects that are being accelerated by the Mali-400 MP GPU. Each of the objects have a unique shader effect applied, really demonstrating the performance of the GPU.
Combining the real world with the virtual world has always been a challenge. With the current generation of ARM Cortex™-A9 CPUs and Mali-400 MP GPUs, it is all possible. The Cortex processor performs the tag detection and image processing whilst the Mali GPU renders the 3D content.

The Samsung Galaxy Note™ (GT-N7000) features a dual ARM Cortex™-A9 CPU and a
quad-core Mali-400 GPU rendering to a large 5.3in 1280x800px AMOLED screen. ”