NASA Goddard: X1.4 Solar Flare Earth-directed CME – Space Weather Center report 7/13

“On July 12, 2012 Active Region 1520 produced a long duration X1.4 class solar flare (peaking at 16:52 UT), and was associated with an Earth-directed CME (Coronal Mass Ejection), and Solar Energetic Particle event. Based on preliminary heliospheric modeling carried out at NASA GSFC Space Weather Center, it is estimated that the CME may impact Earth, Messenger, Spitzer, MSL, Mars. Simulations indicate that the leading edge of the CME will reach Earth at about 2012-07-14T10:20Z (plus minus 7 hours). The roughly estimated expected range of the geomagnetic storm Kp index is 6-8 (moderate to severe). Solar Energetic Particle (SEP) events were detected at SOHO, GOES, and STERO B starting on July 12, 2012 17:50 UT) due to this flare and associated CME. Updates will be provided when available.

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