Samsung Galaxy S3 Launch Projection Mapping Show, Turkey

“For the launch of their Galaxy S3, Samsung Turkey wanted to make a huge impact – not just on the streets of Istanbul but worldwide. So when Cheil and Atolye Group contacted us with their idea for the project, we were more than happy to take up the challenge.
The main part of the launch event would be watched by a group of invited VIP’s onboard the Savarona Yacht. Docked in the bay they would witness the spectacular video mapping on Rumeli Hisari. However, there was one rather large obstacle: we only had 22 days from brief to showtime.
Despite the limited amount of time, the vibe we got from the project created huge excitement amongst our team and we began work immediately.
We set off with the purpose of not only getting the 3 towers of Rumeli Hisari to talk to each other but also getting the 3 towers to talk to the city. We began familiarizing ourselves with the features of the phone straightaway, developing relevant scenarios and preparing a storyboard. We also incorporated fun and dynamic elements that we thought were suitable for the project’s energy.
By the time we got to actually animating, only 15 days remained. But in this time we managed to develop 9-minute long animations for each of the 3 towers.
The days flew by as site tests took place over the last 5 days. Until, on May 30th, we finally watched the spectacular video mapping event from the sea altogether.
However, all the hard work and late nights were worthwhile when we saw the hugely positive response from the audience.

Client: Samsung Electronics Turkey
Advertising Agency: Cheil Worldwide Turkey
Organization Company: Atolye Grup
Content Design & Production Dreambox
Creative Directors: Salim Cagri Oztoksoy, Alvaro Rego
Producer: Hilal Aktas
Music: Jingle House
Projection Company: Visio-Vox “