Yumi Katsura Bridal Collection Fashion Show Projection Mapping rehearsal, Tokyo

“Hfour was invited to Tokyo to create a projection mapping stage design for the annual Tokyo Bridal Collection, by Yumi Katsura, one of Asia’s top wedding haute couture designers.
Yumi Katsura has a somewhat legendary status in Japan, having done her first show in 1964, and over the course of her lengthy career, has had several hundred shows in Japan, Asia, Europe and the United States. Read more about the brand’s history.
Projection Mapping at this scale in a fashion show had never been attempted in Japan before. Hfour worked alongside the stage designer to ensure the content fit perfectly onto the stage wall, and consulted with the key sponsor, Epson about the arrangement and requirements for projectors and their set-up.
The show itself had 19 scenes of the varying collections of designs ranging from pret-a-porter to haute couture to kimonos. The fashion house invited special guest designers from Korea and China to show traditional wedding wear from their respective cultures. Special Guests, Korean drama star, Park Shi Hoo, Chinese actor, Hu Bin and Japanese figure skater Miki Ando were models in the show.
Projection mapping content for all of the scenes was planned, designed and presented by Hfour. There was a specific environmental theme intended for the opening scenes and video of the show, as there is a growing tendency for people of Japan to be more and more environmentally aware. An audience of approximately 7500 people watched the fashion show, and it is Hfour’s hope that the eco message resonated with at least a few people.
Hfour completed the task on time, on budget and would do it again in a heartbeat to participate with such great production team to create such a stunning show. more information at hfour.ca “