Nexersys Interactive Video & Avatar Personal Fitness Training System promo

“Nexersys provides a personal training experience utilizing High Intensity MMA Interval Training (“HIIT”). Nexersys work outs are made up of a series of 4 minute Video & Avatar training rounds. Each round includes a 30 second instruction and warm up, 3 minutes of active exercise and a 30 second recap and cool down. Nexersys video rounds include training in Strike Technique, Cardio, Core and Strike Training. Nexersys Avatar rounds include Sparring & Follow Me game play. You can choose to allow Nexersys to create an original work out each time you train with “Nexersys Training”, create your own personal work outs with My Training or experience sparring and game play with Avatar Training. Nexersys Training delivers a unique work out experience for you with each visit that is set up based upon your Nexersys work out history so your workouts stay fresh and progressive. Work outs begin with a cardio warm up then progress to strike, core and sparring rounds.”