Total Immersion’s Augmented Reality Luxury Retail demo video

“Optimize your market reach with a surprising and amusing Augmented Reality experience by catching the consumer’s interest right from the street into your outlet.
It is a magical display in your High Street
You are walking in the street, glancing at window displays. In front of a fashion store, you are given a printed card by a shop assistant… You pick up the card and place it in front of a screen in the window display and this is when your interactive experience begins. The screen starts revealing a story in which you can interact by simply moving your card, messages appear, your personal fashion show revealed, and that very same card can then be used for you to discover more attractive promotional experience inside the shop.
This is how shopping in the high street becomes techno and a lot more interesting. With scenarios aimed at adults and teenagers, the surprise interactive effect brought by Augmented Reality leads to a whole new meaning to window shopping. This forward concept is an instant win to convert passers-by into potential in-store customers.
Capture consumer street traffic into your Outlet
This is a proven innovative way to attract consumers inside your shop using Augmented Reality. This concept magnetizes passers-by using a simple printed card and a pre-defined scenario. The person is amazed, amused by the sudden experience and prompted to enter your premises, therefore increasing the number of walking-in potential customers.
Augmented Reality has helped retailers extend their market reach by increasing customer visits to numbers as high as 100 extra people per outlet, per day throughout the duration of the operation.”