Microsoft’s NUads turns TV spots into engaging and interactive experiences, demo

Microsoft Releases Sneak Peek of First NUads from Toyota and Unilever to Air on Xbox LIVE this Fall

“Microsoft released a sneak peek of some of the first NUads that will air on Xbox LIVE this fall. NUads transform standard 30-second TV spots into engaging and actionable experiences using the power of voice and gesture controls of Kinect for Xbox 360.

Toyota’s “Reinvented” ad campaign premiered during Super Bowl XLVI, promoting the reinvention of the 2012 Camry. The ad marked Toyota’s return to Super Bowl advertising. Today, Toyota is reinventing that campaign for Xbox LIVE, adding a layer of interactivity enabled by NUads. In this version of the
“Reinvented” ad, Toyota asks viewers what they would like to see reinvented. Viewers can then respond using Kinect-powered voice or gesture controls. This gives Toyota valuable feedback they can use for their next campaign.

Following on from the successful campaign for the launch of Axe Attract for Him and for Her, Axe – Lynx in the UK – will be one of the first brands to turn the digital ad into a NUad with Xbox. The creative centers around a cops and robbers set-up with the tagline, ‘Nothing will ever be the same again.’ Using the new format, Lynx will ask the audience if we should give the Lynx Effect to girls. People will have the option of voting ‘Yes, of course’ or ‘No way’ using hand gestures.

The first NUads format to roll out offers polling capabilities that allow advertisers to ask a multiple-choice question during the airing of a 30-second spot. Consumers can enter the poll with a simple wave of a hand or a voice command while viewing the commercial. Consumers get a real-time tally of the answers so they can see how other Xbox LIVE subscribers are voting, and advertisers get real-time feedback from consumers to help inform future ads. “