Projection mapping based 3D Augmented Reality Demo

Projected Augmented Reality Prototype by RTT AG ( and Extend3D ( shown at “RTT Excite” Conference in Detroit, MI, May, 31st + June, 1st, 2012.
The demo shows a real white object, that gets augmented by virtual information in real-time. The tracking updates the camera pose and thus the to-be-projected image within the rendering engine, always fitting the real object.
Imagine this for Virtual Prototyping, Design Reviews without building new hardware prototypes, clay models, etc. over and over again. Just augment your ideas to the real space. Now you can touch and feel your augmentations. All in real-time. Or get dressed with a white shoe/shirt and customize your looks, projecting your pick.
This is an early prototype, shown at the conference RTT Excite 2012.
Visualization done with RTT DeltaGen, Tracking/Calibration with Extend3D Tools, hardware prototypes and 3D-prints by RTT USA, shoe provided by adidas.
This video is *no* official press video from RTT. It is a recording by
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