DIY Hot Glue Gun HMA 3D Printer Extruder

“Hot Melt Glue Gun HMA (Hot Melt Adhesive) Extruder to make a 3D Printer. It is based on a $3 Walmart Low Temperature Mini Hot Glue Gun. The extruder is driven around by a 3 axis CNC router made from plans from . The whole thing is driven by an Arduino Uno with a custom set of Shields, a single stepper driver based on a ULN2803 and a parallel port adapter board to drive a 3 axis HobbyCNC stepper driver board. I am using the Teacup firmware that has been customized to driver the ULN2803 stepper driver for the extruder (E axis). All is orchestrated by Pronteface on the PC side with G-Code by Slic3r (converts STL 3D Model to G-Code for Pronterface).
cfavreau “