DDD’s TriDef brings more 3D fun to PCs and mobile phones

“TriDef 3D is DDD’s solution for automatic 2D to 3D conversion of games, videos and photos on 3D PCs, TVs and mobile phones.
Sony, Intel, LG, Samsung and HP are among the leading manufacturers that have licensed TriDef 3D for their PC products. Total shipments of TriDef 3D for PCs exceeded 1.3 million licenses as of March 31st 2012.

TriDef 3D enables more than 650 of the latest 2D PC games to be played in 3D “off the shelf”, even if the game was not specifically developed for 3D. Nearly all 2D games that use DirectX 9, 10 or 11 can be played in 3D with TriDef. Its unique high-performance Power 3D render mode increases the frames per second, making games run smoother and faster while using less power.

In mobile phones, LG uses the TriDef 3D Mobile Android(tm) app for 2D to 3D video conversion on its Optimus 3D range of handsets. As of March 31st 2012, shipments of TriDef 3D Mobile have exceeded one million within the first nine months of launch.”