NHK & Panasonic, 145-inch UHDTV 8K Ultra High Definition plasma TV display

“NHK has announced a 145-inch Ultra High Definition plasma display, with 16 times the resolution of a regular Full HD display. This follows the 85-inch LCD display announced by NHK last year.This prototype was co-developed with Panasonic. It has almost 34 million 0.417 mm square pixels, 7,860 horizontally and 4,320 vertically, and a frame rate of 60 fps.
This is the world’s first Ultra High Definition plasma display. As the pixels of a plasma display are self-emitting and the display therefore doesn’t require a backlight, it has superior viewing angles, responsiveness and color reproduction. This new plasma display will be on show to the public from May 24-27, at NHK’s Science & Technology Research Laboratories in Tokyo.”