A Fun New Wave in Roller Coaster Rides, EON’s 3d Virtual Reality iCube

Experience a wild ride in a life size 3d coaster simulator, a fascinating demo presented by EON Reality’s Edward Robertson, Director of Technology Services.
More info @ www.eonreality.com
Video best viewed full screen.
Is This The Future of Home Entertainment? EON’s Virtual Reality iCube TV demo

Today this form of 3d immersive, interactive, communication, visualization and simulation system is widely used in a variety of industrial, scientific, educational and entertainment applications among others.
It’s now also becoming technologically feasible and affordable to consider this class of tech for home use. Imagine for example playing games, watching sports, concerts, plays, travel the world, video calling or immersed in a Movie or TV show and interacting with it!

Bringing this type of viewing experience into your home still has a few steps left and a key one is, do people want it?
What are your thoughts about this type of an home entertainment system?
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Special thanks to EON Reality’s Edward Robertson, Director of Technology Services for presenting this informative and fascinating iCube demo experience. For more info visit: www.eonreality.com

We’ll have another iCube video on how it works here soon, plus more cool EON Reality demos so stay tuned to ElectricTV.