3d Building Projection Mapping Show Ebrington Square, Ireland

Shakinda productions were commissioned to plan, produce and deliver an unique interactive projection show to launch Ebrington square as public space in Derry.
This historic space had once been an army barracks and so reframing the space in the public’s mindset was a key requirement of the show whilst, giving it an authentically local feel.
We built a team of 5 local creatives who we directed and worked alongside to create the script, animation and soundtrack.
Within the constraints of time and budget we were limited in the scale of the projections so we focused our attention on creating a powerful narrative that would resonate with the audience.
To further promote a sense of ownership of the space we created an interactive system to allow the public to tweet their thoughts on the new space in-between
the live shows.
Our multilayered interactive elements to the show was not just a first for Derry or Ireland but an global innovation in building mapping projection