USC Researchers Demo FOV2GO Smartphone DIY 3-D Virtual Reality Viewer

“Smart phones have endless applications that keep users connected to the real world. But researchers from the Mixed Reality (MxR) Lab at the University of Southern California Institute for Creative Technologies are developing ways to use these ubiquitous devices to transport people to virtual worlds as well.

Beginning Sunday, March 4, at the Workshop on Off-The-Shelf Virtual Reality, they began handing hundreds of manila envelopes, each containing a FOV2GO, a portable fold-out iPhone and Android viewer that turns the smartphone screen into a 3-D virtual reality system. Downloadable software allows users to create their own virtual worlds or environments to display.

Developed with researchers from the USC School of Cinematic Arts, the folded paper device, constructed for under five dollars, is one of a growing number of do-it-yourself projects that are decreasing the overhead and hardware required for fully immersive virtual reality experiences. These low-cost, lightweight systems can be used to create portable virtual reality applications for training, education, health and fitness, entertainment and more. For more information go to: “