Digital Pulse’s Projection & Light Show, Arab Games Opening Ceremony, Doha, Qatar

“Australian digital design and production specialists Digital Pulse has received global accolades for its contribution to the opening ceremony of the 12th Arab Games in Doha in December. Digital Pulse produced the spectacular content to complement the emotionally charged visual narrative created by David Atkins Enterprises.

In total, 86 projectors video-mapped a world record 126,000 cubic metres onto the stadium floor with the seating area used as a backdrop. And in a world first using the stadium as an LED screen with an LED pixel behind every seat making over 40,000 pixels.

The end result was a projection of an Arabic tale celebrating the desert as a land of prophecy and light, which was brought to life for the 40,000-strong audience and over 6000 athletes by a cast of over 3250 dancers, musicians, athletes, horsemen and falconers.
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