NuFormer: A Wild Ride! 360-degree projection show, Ford, Auto Show 2012

“A trip into “the Cloud” was probably one of the highlights at the North American International Auto Show 2012 in Detroit. Located in the very heart of the Ford booth, a twenty-foot-tall elevator took attendees straight through the ceiling of the hall into “the Cloud”. Up there, a 360-degree seamless projection by NuFormer showcased Ford’s future of in-vehicle technology. The projection content was a vivid and advanced combination of 3D animations and 2D motion graphics. After the 3 minute film the lift serviced people back to the ground and it was clear: Ford showed off its strive for innovation and forward thinking with their “Living Connected Experience”, the largest stand at this renowned exhibition.

Script and storyboard design in cooperation with Imagination. Creative content production by NuFormer. Technical production by Imagination and Creative Technology US. | “