EON Experience / Creator Interactive 3d Whiteboard Integration

“EON Reality, the world’s leading interactive 3D software provider, announced the integration of interactive whiteboards to EON Creator, a 3D authoring tool, and the EON Experience 3D content library. This newly integrated, interactive learning technology now improves the educational environment for both students and educators and takes learning to a whole new level.

EON Creator is available through the EON Experience platform, which allows users to instantly choose from thousands of 3D models to configure, customize, and publish high-quality interactive 3D content. With a Promethean built-in application over EON Creator, users can now write on top of EON Creator applications on the interactive whiteboard, view movies inside EON Creator and also interact with EON Interact (gesture based interaction). In a classroom environment, teachers can interact by using a Wand Stylus, Pen Stylus or even their bare hands to navigate the whiteboards.”

more info @ http://www.eonreality.com